FLYKON-ACCOUNTS records and processes accounting transactions through its well equipped functional modules such as:

  • Sales Ledger

  • Purchase Ledger

  • Forward Trading

  • General Ledger


  • System Providing Detailed Chart of Accounts. It includes Legal Entity names, Branch Name, Departments Name and Accounting Details
  • Provides Account Information like one particular account comes under which type, category, class and group etc.
  • Easily  track Receivables and Payables. If providing credit limit exceeds system automatically will give alerts.
  • Can track Expenses and Revenues.
  • It follows a well defined Workflow System & Approval Mechanism. So, for posting each transaction approval is required. It gives the user a fully controlled system.
  • At the time of creating any data, System saves current user name and creating time, which in turns helps in Auditing Purpose.
  • System shows Input VAT, Output VAT and VAT Adjustment Accounts with the information of invoice number and date. Also giving detailed information about VAT Payable or VAT Refund.
  • System providing Accurate Bank Reconciliation.
  • System automatically generate all Financial Reports like Trading , Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

An extremely user-friendly system.Anyone who have basic accounting knowledge can easily use our system.