CRM: Track sales leads from click to close

Get a 360° view of your leads

From one screen, know everything about your lead: social media profiles, recent conversations, recent activities, appointments, and more.

Assign leads automatically

Save time and resources by automatically assigning leads to the right salesperson by territory.

Nurture leads efficiently

Send personalized bulk emails, make follow-up calls and schedule tasks and appointments from within the CRM.



Controlling and managing different segments of the business is among the most challenging tasks.No matters the type of business that you own, certain tasks(like-VAT tax filing,accounting,Inventory Control, Supply Chain, Sales Management, CRM, Warehouse Management etc.) are inevitable.

Accounting, VAT, Supply Chain, Inventory, Payroll and WFM (Workforce Management) software are some of the necessities for almost every Business. Adopting these solutions will simplify the operations, minimize the errors, and reduce the human efforts. However, business management and control can be even simpler- if you integrate the different software together. Integrating different business software means that various business software are able to exchange the information between them.

FLYKON is a Software Business Suite that brings all functionalities fully integrated and is a complete solution , means all your process under one umbrella.

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