Controlling and managing different segments of the business is among the most challenging tasks.No matters the type of business that you own, certain tasks(like-VAT tax filing,accounting,Inventory Control, Supply Chain, Sales Management, CRM, Warehouse Management etc.) are inevitable.

Accounting, VAT, Supply Chain, Inventory, Payroll and WFM (Workforce Management) software are some of the necessities for almost every Business. Adopting these solutions will simplify the operations, minimize the errors, and reduce the human efforts. However, business management and control can be even simpler- if you integrate the different software together. Integrating different business software means that various business software are able to exchange the information between them.

FLYKON is a Software Business Suite that brings all functionalities fully integrated and is a complete solution , means all your process under one umbrella.

LEOS-Fully Integrated System

FLYKON tandardizes your procedures for recording transactions and disseminating financial information. It interconnects the reporting activities of different functional areas of your business such as Point Of Sales, Store, Back office & Front office.This streamlines the information input and output of your management accounting and financial reporting functions such as VAT Postings, Reconciliations and Reporting . The adoption of FLYKON an integrated financial system enhances your speed, accuracy and efficiency of processing Operational & Financial information.


FLYKON– Real-Time Data Processing

FLYKON enables you to relay real-time information about your business transactions. For example,if you operate a trading company, you can remotely track your sales stocks, supply requirements, profitability of you business, Cash Flows etc., you can also simultaneously track your latest inventory records.You can also access real-time reports of the day’s operations and analyze the impact of transactions on general ledger.


FLYKON– Rich in Information

FLYKON serves as a one-stop shop for all your business information, including financial, managerial and cash-flow accounting. As such, when using FLYKON system, you do not need to maintain seperate accounting procedures for preparing financial, Management and cash-flow reports.


FLYKON– Functional Simplicity

FLYKON with automated data processing simplifies your accounts and bookkeeping.This eliminates the tedious and complicated reconciliation activities you would have to perform if you were to use non-integrated systems.For example, an integrated financial system eliminates the need to maintain financial and cost-accounting records separately.

Adoption of an integrated financial system is more of a necessity rather than a choice. This is because the growing complexities of the modern business world demand the use of such efficient systems to maximize your business performance.

FLYKON– Contract Management

Contract life-cycle management (FLYKON) is the process of controlling, coordinating, and streamlining all stages in the contract life-cycle. FLYKON helps companies optimize contract performance, especially in procurement and sales. The tools of contract life-cycle management enable CFOs to reduce costs, more accurately forecast revenue, and improve statutory compliance.

With FLYKON, contract terms and conditions can reflect the key metrics that measure supplier and customer performance.

As FLYKON is fully integrated ERP that manages all Financial postings and revenue recognition automatically. Hence, Supplier, customer, and contract item information to be brought into accounts receivable and payable systems in a seamless, automated, and error-free fashion.

As important as FLYKON is for enhancing contract performance, its greatest long-term value to the enterprise may be in enhanced risk management. Although FLYKON ERP is not a risk management system per see, it improves contract visibility, control, and reporting, which enables legal and regulatory affairs departments to diminish risk.

FLYKON ERP solution should eliminate common bottlenecks across the contract lifecycle, while enabling organizations to:

  • Generate more profitable agreements
  • Capture savings and optimize renewals
  • Reduce contract cycle time
  • Accurately track buy and sell side obligations and milestones
  • Gain a complete view of all contracts and the contract process
  • Decrease risk exposure and maintain compliance


However, you should be keen to ensure that you select a user-friendly, affordable and scalable integrated system to avoid complications during the implementation of the system. FLYKON is a successful system and with our years of experience & on board expertise, we can assure smooth and successful system for your business.

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